Treat your face like a work of art

PORCELAIN SKIN is focused on the special needs of sensitive skin.

Our team has the goal to create highly effective formulations while respecting the skin. The whole range is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is a very “loose” term medically. There may be many conditions behind what we think as sensitive skin but during the last years many women and men have realized that their skin is ”upset” at times. That can include redness, itching and even breakouts. The factors  are numerous. Diet, life style, stress, sun exposure, hormones etc., but there is one factor that may definitely be the culprit. The choice of skincare products.

Many skincare products (even very expensive ones) include ingredients that are  known to dermatologists to irritate skin.  

That is why Porcelain Skin has a long FREE FROM list. We use only skin-loving ingredients that will be gentle to your skin, but at the same time be highly effective.

We believe that harsh chemicals, preservatives  and products that in general make the skin lose its natural balance will make it reactive short term or long term with unwanted results. That is why all Porcelain skin products respect the skin and care for it.

We blend timeless, revitalizing ingredients with modern science to give you healthy, dewy skin.

Beauty cannot be without health and balance.
We see skin as art. Fragile, unique and beautiful.