In Porcelain Skin we create skincare that helps you get the most beautiful complexion.

Porcelain Skin seeks out the most advanced cosmetology ingredients to provide highly effective  state of the art skincare.

But this is a time that awareness of what we put into our system has developed and we are very strict in what to include in our formulas.

We select both plant and laboratory made ingredients to get the best out of both worlds. 

Scientific excellence, ingredient safety and clinically proven results, provide the mechanisms that will care for your skin and slow down the negative aspects of aging.





Hyaluronic Plex contains one of the strongest and most accepted antiaging ingredients in modern cosmetology.


Matrixyl® synthe'6®


Matrixyl® has been recognised with the 25 Years of Innovation Award during in-cosmetics 2015


A medical act like collagen or hyaluronic acid injection is supposed to be very efficient to fight wrinkles but some women fear that because of its invasiveness, pain generation and failure to achieve the expected results. Most women want to act on wrinkles in a less radical way but still want efficiency and precision.


Matrixyl® synthe’6® fills in wrinkles from the inside both on the forehead and the crow’s feet for a visibly smoother and plumper skin. Thanks to its matrikine–like effect, Matrixyl® synthe’6® stimulates 6 major constituents of the skin matrix and the dermal–epidermal junction (DEJ) and ensures an optimal architecture of the tissue.


In vivo studies demonstrated that, after 2 months, the forehead and crow’s feet wrinkles are visibly smoothed from the inside of the skin. Many parameters demonstrated this smoothing effect (wrinkle volume, depth, surface...) and more particularly the lifting effect and the wrinkle spread.


Hard evidence: a 2013 study conducted by Professor Ian Hamley and his team at Reading University found that Matrixyl doubled levels of collagen in the skin.





Hyaluronic Plex  uses another revolutionary technology that makes the product

highly effective.


HyacrossTM Hyaluronic Acid derived from natural Hyaluronic Acid forms a 3D “breathable” layer on the surface of the skin that improves the skin barrier function, reduces the water evaporation from cuticle and prevents the skin damage caused by external aggressions like UV ray, pollution, etc.

The viscosity of a HyacrossTM solution is 2-3 times that of HA solution at the same concentration, which indicates that HyacrossTM can bind more water molecules because of its crosslinked structure. HyacrossTM behaves like a “micro reservoir” delivering continuously water to the skin.

HyacrossTM shows better resistance to Hyaluronidase than common Sodium Hyaluronate, so the film formed by HyacrossTM on the skin surface is more stable and durable.

HyacrossTM appears like an elastic gel with high viscosity able to form invisible biological film on the skin surface with various effects, such as moisturizing, protection, slow release, etc.





    with Pearl Extract, a concentrated blend of five botanical extracts and SEPITONIC M3

The Powder Skin Polisher is an everyday luxurious cleanser that provides so much more than that. 

Apart from its excellent cleansing and microexfoliating capacity POWDER SKIN POLISHER contains ingredients that will  bring very effective anti aging elements in your daily beauty regiment. 

SEPITONIC M3  is a triple action cell chrono-energizing and anti-free radical agent. SEPITONIC™ M3 is active at all ages for vitality, skin aging prevention and protection against stress and pollution.

SEPITONIC™ M3 visibly improves skin texture and reduces deep wrinkles by increasing the oxygen immediately available to the skin.

It recharges the cell's batteries and combat free radicals. The skin recovers tone, radiance and freshness. Effectively fights skin aging by protecting all proteins from the glycation phenomenon, especially those of the dermis. Proteins remain functional longer for a stronger and more supple skin. Inhibits the formation of free radicals toxic for cells. Contributes to limit the wrinkles formation induced by the accumulation in dermis of non-functional glycated proteins. Restores the cell dialogue guaranteeing a more even skin.



  • Vitality: chrono-energizing by boosting cellular respiration, ATP production and epidermis turnover in 24h
  • Prevention: safeguards dermis (fibroblasts and extra cellular matrix) from glycation process
  • Protection: acts as an oxidation stress shield by blocking free radicals and activates intercellular communication
  • Smoothed deep wrinkles and skin texture
  • Supports skin at any age
  • Boosts skin benefits of active ingredients. It offers better action for the cosmetic formulas


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