Japanese Refinement - European Cometology

Porcelain Skin was created to celebrate self care and love for one’s self.

An existential need to provide to ourselves health, inside out ,was the philosophical motive to create the brand . The love for beautiful healthy skin is an extension of this journey.

Japanese beauty is based on purity ,balance and an extensive multiple step regiment that does not only care for the skin. It equally mends the soul and mind.

Porcelain Skin inspired by the Japanese “school” of caring for the skin created a skincare range based on shielding the skin against damage, feeding it with nutrients, balance it than upset it and give it the best short and long term provisions to age beautifully.

We are inspired by the love and commitment Japanese women show for the skin.

They start caring for their skin from a very young age and skincare is a valuable family tradition.

The consistency and commitment to follow a regiment is the key to their beautiful skin and Japanese women show strict discipline .

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a two times a day ritual and is the base for all other treatments.

Thorough cleansing and mild microexfoliation may be the most important step of antiaging  and a very important principle of Japanese beauty. Porcelain Skin provides both treatments in the most balanced and effective way.

Toning with products richly infused with ingredients loved by Japanese women for centuries is the next very important step to get porcelain skin.

Japanese women keep their skin always moisturized. Hyaluronic Plex using the latest technology does exactly that. The crosslinked hyaluronic acid formulation acts as a micro reservoir of water that keeps the skin hydrated even 24 hours after the application.

All our formulas although highly effective, do not contain harsh chemicals that will traumatize the skin and will bring adverse results immediately or later on. As with the Powder Skin Polisher, the skin is cleansed and micro exfoliated but without soap or detergents that strip the skin and leave it unbalanced and exposed.

All products are FREE FROM  a long list of ingredients known to cause problems, even though they are heavily used in by most cosmetics companies.

We strive to  make skincare that uses the ingredients with harmony in order to make your skin healthy, beautiful and calm.
And make these few moments in your day a chance to take your minds off all what bothers you and focus on you and you only.